Hardscaping and landscaping go hand in hand to create a truly beautiful exterior space. No matter what type of project you have in mind, at Modern Stone we have the hardscaping products you need to bring your vision to life. Simply ask us anything you need to know about hardscaping—our professionals have the knowledge and expertise you’re looking for!


Our premium natural stone paver options include travertine, granite, slate, quartzite, and limestone—in all colors, textures, shapes, sizes, patterns, and designs. We’re also happy to offer Arterra porcelain pavers, which imitate the look of natural stone pavers, with the added benefits of porcelain. Arterra pavers are easy to install, and are able to withstand freeze-thaw cycles. They can be installed on grass, sand, or concrete.


Stacked Stones

We offer stacked stone ledger panels in two styles: natural stone ledger stepped panels, and “L” ledger stepped panel for outside corners. These trimmed pieces of natural stone are fitted together to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a space, whether it’s showcasing a barbecue island, enhancing a backsplash, or beautifying an interior wall.

Copings And Wall Caps

Decorative details can transform your outdoor area into something truly beautiful. Exterior “trimming” like pool copings and wall caps are like icing on the cake—and we offer many coping and wall cap options to match your paver and other hardscaping choices. These options include a wide range of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Wall caps

Outdoor Tile

Our professionals can expertly arrange your outdoor tiles to perfectly compliment your interior design. The different sizes and shapes of the tile will create a visually sophisticated pattern that brings a new level of elegance to your space. Be sure to ask us about the right materials to reflect your tastes and preference.


Flagstones add a whimsical, fantastic effect to an outdoor space. They fit together like a puzzle to create decks, paths, fireplaces, patios, and flooring that is both practical and visually appealing. Flagstones make any area instantly cozy, and they come in many different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes.


Pebbles don’t just add a decorative touch—they also protect soil from extreme temperatures and restrict weed growth. You can also utilize pebbles indoors for various décor. Whether you decide to use them in your garden to make a more natural look, at the front entrance of your office building, or within your home around an indoor pond, our polished pebbles have many uses.

Swimming Pool Tiles

Our swimming pool tiles are available in an ocean-inspired array of colors which have been designed to add an element of tranquility to your backyard pool area. We provide a variety of pool tile patterns in order to help you find a design that you love. These tiles can also extend to other areas (such as water features or the pool house) to create a seamless, uniform look.

Stepping Stones

Our hand-cut stepping stones will add a level of fairy tale enchantment to your garden or backyard. They can be used to make wandering paths, unique edging, sitting islands, or decorative designs.