Allow us at Modern Stone to help you get the kitchen or bathroom you’ve been envisioning. We offer natural stone countertops that will look amazing in your home. Together we can discuss your goals and tastes to get you the perfect countertops to accent your kitchen or bathroom.


Marble countertops are well-known for their ability to withstand family life for a long time, and they’re also known for their luxurious aesthetic appeal. Marble countertops are also perfect for kitchens, because marble has a naturally cool temperature that works well for keeping cooking workspaces temperature-controlled. With over 50 marble color choices and patterns to select from, Modern Stone is sure to have something you’ll fall in love with.


Travertine countertops offer a smoothed, polished surface as opposed to “bumpy” countertop options. It features a slick, honed natural finish that works well for both homes and commercial buildings, and it’s available either in tiles or slabs—whatever you prefer. Travertine is durable and eye-pleasing, and we are happy to offer over 10 colors to choose from.


Kitchens and bathrooms do well with very durable countertops—and quartz is one of the most durable materials there are, since it’s made from one of the hardest minerals in the world. Quartz slabs are manufactured, but they their flecks, patterns, colors, and swirls make them look like natural stone. Quartz is a hard, low-maintenance, beautiful material option that many clients love.


Classic and beautiful, granite has long been one of the top choices for countertop materials. It’s a low-maintenance, extremely durable substance that even the pickiest homeowners gravitate to. It doesn’t show scratches or wear, and it’s eye-dazzling with its elaborate veining, speckles, and crystals. Granite is also available in a wide variety of colors.


Prefab countertops are some of the most popular available. They can be customized to the kitchen when they’re installed, making for a perfect fit. They can also be ordered in a wide selection of colors and finishes. Because of their affordability and many options, prefab countertops are a great option for many home and building owners.