A backsplash is both attractive and practical. In a kitchen, this area keeps messy food off of your wall and features a decorative, easy-to-clean surface. A backsplash can also be installed in your bathroom to create a nice accent wall. At Modern Stone, our line of materials, colors, and finishes are available in a wide range of sizes and patterns, with trim pieces to finish the designer look that you want.


Eye-catching and highly decorative, mosaics for your backsplash come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and styles. The right mosaic details and accents can add a lot of texture and depth to a room. It’s important to select mosaics that work with the details of your room so that they will pull attention to the right features.

Tile Backsplash


From classic subway tile to travertine to interlocking patterns, there are countless styles of tile to protect your walls while making an impressive decorative statement at the same time. No matter what your personal taste or budget is, the perfect tile for your backsplash is here.


Whether you want your subway style backsplash placed horizontally, vertically, or in a herringbone (zigzag) pattern, our team will do an expert job installing for you. Our subway tiles feature a dramatic range of colors, finishes, and sizes.

Split Face

A multi-dimensional split face backsplash tile can transform your interior or exterior space. These tiles work beautifully on accent walls, shower surrounds, bath surrounds, and fireplaces, and will truly elevate the look of the area. Split face backsplashes are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to both homes and commercial buildings.


A classic choice for backsplashes, interlocking tiles are modern, stylish, and come in a variety of options. You can mix and match materials (such as pairing glass with natural stone) and sizes, or simply mix and match colors. Interlocking tiles will add depth and tone to the room.


It’s hard to beat the elegance and beauty of classic marble. It’s durable, luxurious, and makes a beautiful design statement. There are also many options for colors, and each piece of marble is unique. Having a marble backsplash will create a clean, modern look for your space.